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Knuckleduster epub
<p>After being blinded during military service, Brody «Knuckleduster» Calhoun relies on special carotene lenses, powered by expensive batteries, for sight. In order to pay for his vision, Brody becomes a vigilante for hire, specializing in tracking down and beating abusive husbands. To strangers he’s just a junkie with odd, orange-stained eyes, but to the police, Brody’s a repeat offender with a lengthy, and ever-growing, rap sheet that includes 17 cases of aggravated assault, all with a deadly weapon—his brass knuckles. When an old friend from the service, Thorp Ashbury, invites him to rural Illinois, Brody takes the opportunity to flee the city and violence. But after agreeing to help Thorp find his missing kid sister in Chicago, Brody uncovers a startling conspiracy that threatens to shake the very foundation of everything he stands for. Having spent his life in a cycle of violence and probation, Brody is forced to face his future.
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