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Bound epub
Kiana has always had an unusual bond with animals, not that she’s complaining. After all, thanks to her bond with animals she’s become head beast master of Blue Moon Circus at only seventeen years of age. Dealing with a temperamental hydra, a grumpy manticore, and unicorns with an attitude problem are all part of an average day’s work. Until a pair of mischievous gods show up. They need Kiana to participate in a wager of theirs, and in return, they offer her something she can’t refuse: knowledge about her strange connection to the wild beasts she works with. But to help the pair of gods win their wager, she must compete in a sport that’s reserved only for men, and more importantly, noblemen: Dragon Racing. With nothing but a pair of gods with a gambling problem, a resourceful dragon, and her own wits, Kiana will have to navigate this strange new world in order to find the answers she so desperately wants. A world where friends can turn into enemies, and enemies can become your most loyal ally on the race track. And when the dust settles, what started out as a simple race turns into a journey that will change the course of the world.
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