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<div><p>Leaping fishes. Prowling bobcats. Frosty penguins and mute moose heads...These are the things that fill Garth Carson’s life as he buys, sells, and rents exotic taxidermy from his funky New York City storefront. But now Garth and his gal, Angie, have acquired the most sinister stuffed critter in the world: a certain white crow in a bell jar that Angie swoons over–and that other people are dying to get their hands on. </p><p>When the crow is stolen, along with $50,000 worth of their best taxidermy, Garth and Angie are plunged into the spooky heart of old New England and a realm of crazed carnies, bumbling feds, and a couple of freshly snuffed collectors. To save their bird–and their lives–these two reluctant sleuths must penetrate a zany, highly illegal international treasure hunt...and confront a freak who has a thing for murder. </p><p>“The funniest tough-guy writer there is.”<br>–Lee Child </p><p>“Audacious and always original. Wiprud twangs funny bones I never knew I had.” –T. Jefferson Parker </p><p><em>From the Paperback edition.</em></p><h3>From Publishers Weekly</h3><p>Garth Carson, the fast-talking, wisecracking New York taxidermy dealer of Wiprud’s second mystery, <em>Pipsqueak</em>, goes on a dizzying and sometimes dangerous romp across multiple state lines in this equally zany sequel. When Carson purchases a white crow from a Vermont shop for his girlfriend Angie’s birthday, it seems that nearly everyone, from the cops to the carnival freaks, wants to get their hands on the coveted dead bird. After masked men beat him up and steal all his prized animal wares, Carson becomes determined to find out why this white crow is ruffling so many feathers. With the help of Angie and his rough but well-meaning Russian handyman, Otto, Carson attempts to sort out the shady dealings in the underbelly of the taxidermy world. Wiprud’s imagination runs wild here, and he skillfully brings the reader along as the plot moves more and more out into left field. His protagonist’s frequent and eccentric musings about everything from the joy of cheap moose heads to the pain of parking signs add to the lighthearted tone, though some may be put off by the occasional rant. <em>Agent, Alex Glass at Trident Media. (May)</em> <br>Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. </p><h3>Review</h3><p>’’Wiprud’s imagination runs wild here.... a dizzying and sometimes dangerous romp across multiple state lines.’’--Publishers Weekly </p><p><em>From the Paperback edition.</em></p></div>
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