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Sweet Tea and Afternoon Tales: More Stories From the South mobi
<p class=’’description’’>SUMMARY:<br>If there is one immutable feature in the social fabric of the American South, it is the telling of stories: giving a sense of place, traditions, family relationships, desires and hope. It has given rise to a unique blend of voices in American literature, an entire school of writing, rich and diverse, with its own peculiar imagery, grace, and eloquence. It is a place where the simple and the quaint rise from mere words on a page to a level of art. The stories in this collection echo with new voices, timeless and universal themes sure to strike a chord in the hearts of readers. Our only guideline was for our authors to contribute stories with a Southern theme. The diversity in styles, eras, and settings create a marvelous collection of Afternoon Tales we’re sure you’ll enjoy. The Gulf Coast Writers Association provides an arena for today’s southern writers, and other writers of similar bent, to add their voices to this tradition. The Editors conceived this anthology in that spirit, encouraging new as well as established authors to share their voices. We hope y’all enjoy this second anthology from GCWA. - Philip L. Levin & Dixon Hearne, Editors Contributors Marlyn Allgood Shannon Rul Bardwell Betty Wilson Beamguard Lottie Boggan Susan Budavari Linda Chubbuck Ed Davis Lucy J. Dixon Fred Farris John M. Floyd Brenda Gable Nancy Gotter Gates Edward Hartman Deborah Ledford Philip L. Levin Denton Loving Sylvia Lynch Merle L. McCann Annie McKee Terry I. Miles Jan Rider Newman Richelle Putnam Bob Strothers Ovid Vickers Glanda Widger</p>
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