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Her Victory epub
<p><B>A story of love and romance between two lost people in 1950s Britain, from the author of <I>The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner</I></B><BR /> <BR /> Every morning Pam decides to leave George. Somehow she never quite gets around to it. She’s flirted with suicide too, but she doesn’t see the point. A woman would have to be mad to kill herself for the sake of George. He’s a brute, vain and selfish, with a cruel sense of humor and absolutely no regard for his wife. Someday she will leave him: Why not today?<BR /> <BR /> Pam flees to London, where she takes refuge in a lonely, sparsely furnished room. With a twist of her wrist, she turns on the gas and resigns herself to death, only to be rescued by a neighbor. Tom, a former sailor in the Merchant Navy who has just come into a surprise inheritance, is carrying scars of his own. Bound by despair, these two unlikely lovers begin a new life, and together they will find a reason to live<BR /> <BR /> This lonely middle-aged...
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