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Trace: Follow His Destiny epub
<p>Book 11 of the Denver Pack Series, is action packed, exciting and of course sexy. Trace, an Eagle shifter, is one of the last Chosen to be found. He arrives in time to see the New Council at their best. A Challenge has been made, and Quin the Alpha is going to answer. Trace, finds his ideals being tested, as he finds his place in the New Council. Trace will find his mates, but in the mess the Rogues have made, their mating will have to wait while they deal with the matter at hand. New faces and old faces will appear in this cumulative story that will end in the loss of someone they love. There is only one book left before the end of the Denver Pack Series. Of course, I would not leave you hanging. The saga will not end here. Stay tuned for more details on my website. Warning: Explicit sexual situations, and grab a box of Kleenex for this ending.</p>
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