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Left Together epub
<p> After being away at college the last four years, Kacie Foster is not looking forward to returning home. Her reluctance has nothing to do with it being time for her to grow up and get a job like other recent graduates. The problem is her parents. To say they have never been the supportive and caring type is an understatement. Complicating things further is the fact that she’s just beginning to grieve over the recent loss of her grandmother. Once she’s back home, Kacie encounters Evan Pierce and realizes her parents may not be the only obstacle she needs to face. After losing his twin brother in a tragic car accident six years ago, Evan Pierce moved far away from the place he once called home to escape the constant reminders of his loss. He keeps his misery hidden with booze, girls, and street racing, but deep down, Evan knows it’s all merely a distraction from reality. Just when he thinks he finally has a handle on his life, Kacie Foster storms into town turning it upside down all over again. Will they each be what the other needs to finally move on? Or will one of them, once again, be left behind? </p>
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