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Homecoming epub
<p><i>Homecoming</i> is a big-hearted, bittersweet drama about how a family falls apart and comes back together again from a hugely talented new writer.</p><p></p><p>Up on the North Yorkshire moors, the Hartle family is about to have a life-changing year.</p><p></p><p>Ann and Joe, with more than thirty years of marriage and two sons between them, are torn between giving up and pressing on with their struggling farm. Max, their older son, is set to inherit the farm and his wife Primrose has news to share, but is he ready for these new responsibilities? Their younger son, Bartholomew, escaped to the south as soon as he could, building a new life for himself with his girlfriend Ruby. But when tragedy strikes he is forced to return home ­- and must come to terms with his past, in order to create a future.</p>
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