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Not Just Friends epub
<p><br><br><em>Come to Camp Winnehatchee!<br>For new experiences. (With </em>boys!<em>)<br>For the great outdoors. (Where you can find yourself in nature. With </em>boys!<em>) <br>For adults-only activities. (Best shared with </em>men!<em>)</em><br><br>For venture capitalist Adam Sutherland, attending Camp Winnehatchee’s reopening was a no-brainer. He’s even reuniting with former camp counselors to chip in and help revive the camp. What he isn’t expecting is to find a girl sleeping in his bunk. Or that the girl is none other than Julia McKee, who went from shy and awkward Good Girl to scorching-hot babe....<br><br>But the good girl is all gone...and she’s headed off to Paris! But before she goes, Julia intends to show her bad-boy childhood crush just how to put the «wild» back into the wilderness! And this time, he’ll be the one left wanting more....<br><br></p>
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