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Secrets Unveiled epub
Grant Anderson’s world is upended by a harmless game of dress-up when his niece finds a box of old clothes and stumbles across a necklace Grant stole more than a decade ago.Grant has conquered a past shadowed by rebellion, and he paid his dues a long time ago. Caught and sentenced in juvenile court, he spent a full year making restitution to everyone involved—everyone except Maggie Andrews. Finding the necklace means he can finally return it and then close the door on his checkered past.Maggie’s beloved grandmother has just passed away. Orphaned as a child, Maggie is left with no family to speak of and only a small box of heirlooms to connect her to her heritage. Maggie cherishes the link to her family, but her inheritance is incomplete. A necklace that was passed down through generations was stolen years ago. The treasured piece is gone forever...until Grant Anderson steps back into her life and offers her more than long-lost jewelry.Can Maggie let go of the bitterness she...
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