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Turned Out Saga epub
Champaign and Zyair have been together for five years, and they’re feeling the need to rekindle the erotic spark between them. When they decide to invite a third person into their bedroom, neither one of them realizes how much their lives will change. What starts out as one night of experimentation becomes an obsession for Champaign, who decides she wants to experience that kind of passion again and again.<br>Meanwhile, her friend Alexis is tired of being used, abused, and treated as an afterthought, Alexis decides to explore her wild side. She plans to put aside her beliefs of how a lady should behave and live life according to her pleasures. If it pleases her, she will say it and do it. She’ll be the man in all three of her relationships from this day forward. <br>One man is in her life for materialistic reasons, the other for sexual exploration, and the third is her eye candy. Before she knows it, the drama begins. She is stalked, arrested, and emotionally drained. Alexis has...
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