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In the Rain epub
<p> After six years of being someone else’s bitch, Moyra’s about ready to throw in the towel, and not just as a sub either. Taking on any kind of relationship is out of the question, but there are no rules about being single and having a one-night stand.</p> <p> But when a meaningless fling ends with her being kicked to the curb to keep one stranger’s cheating a secret, she’s taken in by another.</p> <p> Only this one’s no stranger at all. High school crush Thayre is the last thing Moyra needs. They have a history, which means expectations--things she’d rather not concern herself with so soon after a breakup. Unfortunately for her, this isn’t the first time their paths have crossed in one night.</p> <p> Could one town be too small for the both of them, or will Moyra’s days of crushing on Thayre be enough to ignite old flames?</p>
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