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Sacking the Stork epub
<p>Sophie presumed ’making sacrifices for your children’ meant giving up Bloody Marys and champagne for nine months. When she thought about it, that is. . .<br>But then two blue lines appear on her pregnancy test.<br>How does a baby fit in with a hectic job, a chaotic social life, and the absence of Max, the Y chromosome in the equation, who has moved to San Francisco?<p> Support and dubious advice are provided by an unlikely group that gathers for a weekly coffee session at the King Street Cafe. It is with Debbie the glamorous man-eater, Andrew the fitness junkie, Anna the disaster-prone doctor and Karen the statistically improbable happily married mother of three, that Sophie discovers the ups and downs of motherhood. And when an unexpected business venture and a new man appear on the scene, it appears that just maybe there is life after a baby.<p> Written by two sisters who live on opposite sides of the world, <b>Sacking the Stork</b> is a novel which tackles the balancing of...
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