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Krissy epub
<p>Krissy is an attractive young blonde, living in a big city. She makes a living as a commercial model and convention hostess, entertaining men who want her hot looks and voluptuous body. In truth, she couldn’t care less about the men she dates; she prefers women when it comes to sex. However, when it comes to making money, she’s perfected the perfect con game, luring wealthy men to cheap hotels where she teases the mark with her girl-next-door sex-appeal, then drugs them, robs them and splits before they even knew what hit them. Her clever disguises prevent her from being easily identified, and in order to further confuse the cops, she litters the crime scenes with so much extraneous forensic evidence that the police still don’t know that it’s a single, and very enterprising female behind the robberies. However, one day, after a falling out with Tito, the mid-level crime boss who fences what she steals, Krissy’s luck suddenly runs out. Tito arranges for her to be picked up by a...
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