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Awake epub
<p class=’’description’’><font class=’’Apple-style-span» face=’’’MS Shell Dlg 2’, sans-serif’’><span class=’’Apple-style-span» style=’’font-size: 14px;’’>Driven by grief and insomnia, Charles Matheson struggles with his day-to-day life, until one day he discovers a portal that takes him to another world, a world almost like our own. In this world he is pursued by a government agent who has a history with Matheson -- a history both men have long forgotten. Matheson has also forgotten that he has an incredible power: the ability to move through space and time with just a thought. As he learns more about his power, he uncovers a conspiracy reaching to the highest levels of government, with his very life at risk as he tries to come to grips with a power that can change the very fabric of space itself.</span></font></p>
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