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Promise Me the Stars: A Hearts of Harkness Romance mobi
<div>Scott Standish has been a rambling man since his mother got sick way back when he was eighteen. Unable to watch her die, he left home after graduation and kept roaming. <br> <br>But when he goes home to Harkness, New Brunswick for a Thanksgiving visit, he discovers he�s got a stowaway�ten-year-old Sid the Kid, his sidekick from the job he just left. For once, moving on had been hard, and not just because of Sid. The attraction between him and Sid�s mother, chef April Morgan, is electric. But she�s a single mom needing stability, and he plans to keep moving. <br> <br>When April comes to Harkness to retrieve Sid, she does so in a car packed with all her worldly possessions, having been fired from her position over her daughter�s behavior. When Scott realizes her predicament, he offers her domestic employment. <br> <br>With no place to go and no one to turn to, April and Sidney make a home at the Standish farm. Her daughter is thrilled, rapidly becoming attached to the dog and the family despite April�s reminders that it�s only temporary. Scott Standish might be tied to the farm for a few months, but she knows he�ll settle nowhere, least of all in Harkness. April can�t afford to take a chance with her heart, or her daughter�s. So she has no choice but to fight the yearning that grows stronger inside her every day. </div>
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