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The Midnight Hour mobi
<div><h3>From Publishers Weekly</h3><p>With this taut, over-the-top romantic thriller, Jackson revisits her popular Madaris Family and Friends series (_Surrender_, etc.). For five years, ex-Marine turned CIA agent Sir Drake Warren has been haunted by recollections of his former fiancee, fellow Marine Sandy Carroll, who was killed in an explosion during a mission in Haiti. The only thing that has kept Drake going is his desire to annihilate Solomon Cross, the psychopathic drug lord who orchestrated Sandy’s death. When Drake is paired with beautiful CIA agent Tori Green on an assignment to rescue the President’s niece from kidnappers, he finally begins to heal. Although he notices eerie similarities between his new love interest and Sandy, he never suspects that the two women are one and the same. This plot twist is more than a little far-fetched, but Jackson smoothly alternates between several points of view and throws in a number of plot twists. Although readers new to this series may be daunted by the complexity of the family trees detailed in the first few pages, Jackson’s knack for creating characters with emotional depth and distinct voices helps readers untangle the relationships in this tension-packed read.<br>Copyright � Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. </p><h3>From Booklist</h3><p>CIA agent Warren Drake is the epitome of a military man in physical stature and personality. After he loses the love of his life, Sandy Carroll, during a military mission in Haiti, he spends the next five years alone, bitter and eager to avenge her death. His senses are awakened when he is ordered to work with a new partner, Victoria Green. Her physical beauty and military skills are enticing, and he falls for the first time since Sandy. Only two people know that Sandy didn’t die, and after her extensive surgeries to change her looks and identity, Sandy is now CIA agent Victoria Green. She senses that Drake is attracted to her yet, she’s unable to tell him she’s Sandy. After an enemy from their past forces them to protect themselves, they team up to put an end to his madness. The suspense and danger of their mission is heightened by their love for and protectiveness of one another. Jackson has written another compelling drama about the Madaris family and their friends. <em>Lillian Lewis</em><br><em>Copyright � American Library Association. All rights reserved</em></p></div>
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