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Playtime’s Over epub
<div><p>You can dish it but you can’t take it. Nothing is truer in this sequel as Monty Banks is dealing with Candy finally getting tired of his cheating ways. She is so over all of the things that he has put her through. They’ve agreed to be civil parents, if nothing else, but even that proves to be difficult at times. Love may be blossoming for her in the form of an unexpected visitor who is now in Augusta, GA to stay. </p><p>Mona continually feels that something isn’t right with Rico and his baby mama, Monica. She still doesn’t trust the witch, but tries very hard to trust her fiancé. Even after having their baby, things seem to still unravel as Monica’s deceitful ways come into play and the contents in Rico’s cell phone continue to cause him trouble. </p><p>Dee finds herself in a compromising position that causes her to rethink every good thing that she ever believed in love. And once again, Monty finds solace in MiKayla, but will this undetermined love affair be the thing that he truly needs to get over Candy? Things surely heat up in this game of love and war as each relationship bares its ugly truths. The women are finally taking charge of their lives and one thing is for sure; Play Time’s Over. </p></div>
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