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<div><p>When he prevents a disaster at his high school Benjamin finds himself in the center of a media storm. What he can�t share is that his act of heroism was only possible because of his supernatural gifts. When the attention fades he�s suddenly facing several life-changing problems: what to do about the missing friend who has shown up at his door looking like she�s returned from the dead; how to protect himself from a supernatural gangster, and deciding whether he should join the coming battle between competing supernatural communities that will require him to use the very talents he is beginning to fear. How can he hang onto his humanity when each use of his abilities distances him from the normal world? <br> With every choice he is pushed closer to the edge and the most critical decision of all: Should he use his gifts and trust that he�ll make the right choices, or risk crossing the line between hero and monster?</p> <p>**</p></div> Edit : e Formats : AZW3, EPUB, ORIGINAL_AZW3, ORIGINAL_EPUB Genre : Urban Fantasy Q : R
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