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No Place Safe: A Family Memoir epub
<p>Between 1979 and 1981, twenty-nine children disappeared from the streets of Atlanta. In this compelling memoir, Kim Reid grows up in the shadow of her mother’s job as an investigator on the Missing and Murdered Children case.<p>Thirteen-year-old Kim Reid will never forget the summer of 1979. When she isn’t thinking about boys, makeup, and starting high school in the fall, she’s busy taking care of her little sister while her single mom works as a cop. By midsummer, the discovery of two murdered teens along a quiet Atlanta road changes everything.<p>School starts again, but having fewer kids on the streets doesn’t stop the killer. More children disappear, silently vanishing from the skating rink and sidewalks she regularly visits, and Kim soon learns there is no place safe. When her mother is assigned to a special task force created to solve the murders, bringing her work home and becoming preoccupied with her increasingly high-profile job, Kim feels life unraveling. It becomes...
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