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<div><p>Humans are the warheads in a lethal contest of missiles vs. long-range beams in deep space.<br></p><p>The desperate Homo sapiens of Earth launch their experimental beamship. It�s ultra-tracking and breakthrough technology allows it to out-range the Doom Stars.<br></p><p>The Highborn want that ship. They send swarms of missiles, knowing few will reach it. In the nosecones are their secret weapons�Free Earth Corps heroes from the Japan Campaign.<br></p><p>Launched from the giant missiles like shells in a shotgun, Marten Kluge and his friends must ride their torps into the particle shields and storm aboard the beamship or die in the cold vacuum of space.<br></p><p>BIO-WEAPON is the story of a suicide-ride to hell through a techno blizzard. BIO-WEAPON is a full novel, 85,000 words in length by Vaughn Heppner, Writers of the Future winner, Vol. IX.</p></div>
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