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<p>’’Wicked and provocative...Vidal’s purview of Hollywood in one of its golden ages is fascinating.» �<em>Chicago Tribune</em><br /></p><p>In his brilliant and dazzling new novel, Gore Vidal sweeps us into one of the most fascinating periods of American political and social change. The time is 1917. In Washington, President Wilson is about to lead the United States into the Great War. In California, a new industry is born that will transform America: moving pictures. Here is history as only Gore Vidal can re-create it: brimming with intrigue and scandal, peopled by the greats of the silver screen and American politics, from Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks to Franklin D. Roosevelt and the author’s own grandfather, the blind Senator Gore. With <strong>Hollywood</strong>, Vidal once again proves himself a superb storyteller and a perceptive chronicler of human nature’s endless deceptions.</p><h3>Amazon.com Review</h3><p>Who could possibly resist a novel that begins as William Randolph Hearst falls on his behind? The fifth novel in Gore Vidal’s <em>Narratives of Empire</em> sequence (sixth, however, in order of publication) begins on the eve of American involvement in the First World War and ends shortly after the mysterious death of Warren G. Harding and ascension of the taciturn Calvin Coolidge to the presidency. Balanced against Gore’s descriptions of all these political machinations is the story of newspaper publisher Caroline Sanford’s foray into film acting, which places her in proximity to the scandals involving Roscoe «Fatty» Arbuckle and William Desmond Taylor. The cast of characters includes a young Franklin Delano Roosevelt--and his mistress, Lucy Mercer--and Vidal’s maternal grandfather, Senator T.P. Gore. As always, the proceedings are enlivened by Vidal’s caustic wit. <em>--Ron Hogan</em></p><h3>From Publishers Weekly</h3><p>In the sixth of Vidal’s historic novels about Aaron Burr and his descendants, the author has come a long way from Burr , the first in the series, both in time span--the focus here is on the years between 1917 and 1924--and quality. His imagination seems to flag as he draws closer to the present, and he delivers a surprisingly dry recitation of the facts and circumstances of history. Each of the novels in Vidal’s U.S. saga has become more extravagantly peopled with historical personages. Presidents Harding, Wilson and Coolidge, and Hollywood stars Fairbanks, Chaplin and Mabel Norman make major appearances here. His fictional protagonists--Caroline Sanford and Burden Day, also the main characters of Empire --seem on hand merely to be injected at just the right moment to catch an intimate glimpse of the rich and famous. There is no dramatic tension in Hollywood , although there are regular flashes of Vidal’s wit, in particular a scene in a steambath with Fairbanks and Chaplin waxing grandiloquent on the nature of movies. The details of the Teapot Dome scandal, the shadow presidency of Mrs. Wilson during her husband’s incapacitation, and the difficulty of dealing with Harding’s mistress are recounted with none of Vidal’s usual relish. Although his writing continues to be clear and elegant, in Hollywood , he has failed to produce a compelling story. First serial to Washingtonian; BOMC featured alternate. <br />Copyright 1989 Reed Business Information, Inc. </p> Version : 5.0
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