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Low Town 1 epub
<span id=’’freeText74977078283861433’’><strong>Drug dealers, hustlers, brothels, dirty politics, corrupt cops . . . and sorcery. Welcome to Low Town. <br><br></strong>In the forgotten back alleys and flophouses that lie in the shadows of Rigus, the finest city of the Thirteen Lands, you will find Low Town. It is an ugly place, and its cham�pion is an ugly man. Disgraced intelligence agent. Forgotten war hero. Independent drug dealer. After a fall from grace five years ago, a man known as the Warden leads a life of crime, addicted to cheap violence and expensive drugs. Every day is a constant hustle to find new customers and protect his turf from low-life competition like Tancred the Harelip and Ling Chi, the enigmatic crime lord of the heathens. <br><br>The Warden�s life of drugged iniquity is shaken by his dis�covery of a murdered child down a dead-end street . . . set�ting him on a collision course with the life he left behind. As a former agent with Black House�the secret police�he knows better than anyone that murder in Low Town is an everyday thing, the kind of crime that doesn�t get investi�gated. To protect his home, he will take part in a dangerous game of deception between underworld bosses and the psy�chotic head of Black House, but the truth is far darker than he imagines. In Low Town, no one can be trusted. <br><br>Daniel Polansky has crafted a thrilling novel steeped in noir sensibilities and relentless action, and set in an original world of stunning imagination, leading to a gut-wrenching, unforeseeable conclusion. <em>Low Town</em> is an attention-grabbing debut that will leave readers riveted . . . and hun�gry for more.<a class=’’actionLinkLite» href=’’http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/9755449-low-town?from_search=true#’’></a></span>
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