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Blue Diamond: A Golden Age Mystery mobi
<p><i>’’Who knows if he didn’t make away with her here? Those things found in the Home Coppice show that she was made away with plain enough, I say.’’<br> <br></i>Jim Gregory, under-gardener at Hargreave Manor, finds something unexpected when climbing Lover’s Oak but won’t say what. Instead he’s all ears regarding the legendary ’Luck of the Hargreaves’ diamonds, destined for the future bride of Sir Arthur, the new squire.<br>Sir Arthur himself then discovers a beautiful stranger, lost in the woods near the manor. She cannot recall a thing—not even her name. She is given shelter and Mary Marston, a private nurse, recognizes her—and abruptly goes missing. Nurse Marston must still be in the house, it is initially agreed—but if so, where?<br>Who got rid of Nurse Marston? To whom does the tobacco pouch with the floral design belong? And why was a blood-stained cuff found in the woods? These mysteries, and more, Superintendent Stokes is determined to solve. <i>The Blue...
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