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Piper’s Perfect Dream epub
Dreamy Piper is often in her own world and suffers from a lack of courage and determination. She must learn to focus and be self-confident while staying true to her compassionate, kind self. Piper writing messages to her fellow Star Darlings, in preparation for Star Kindness Day, a holiday where the students gather in the quad where special messages of positivity are delivered to each student. Something goes horribly wrong and the messages all say the exact opposite of what was intended. Piper’s Mission: Piper is sent down to help Olivia, a girl who wishes to stop having bad dreams. Piper thinks that Olivia’s dreams are the result of working so hard so she helps out at Olivia’s parents’ diner and shares some relaxation tips with her. But even with Piper’s help, the dreams continue. When the other girls come down to help, they see that Piper is suffering from a severe lack of confidence in herself. They help draw her out and present her idea� a dream slumber party. Piper is able to...
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