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Catnip and Hockey Sticks epub
The most painful thing of all is to have what you want the most to be within you grasp, yet you are forbidden to touch it. When the council names Hansen the Alpha of his Stray pack of Cat shifters, at first he is reluctant. His father, the former Alpha, hadn�t exactly been a good example, so Hansen feels as if he doesn�t have a clue. But to his surprise, he finds that he is actually good at the job, and he soon has a thriving pack. One of Hansen�s steadfast rules is that he never favors one member of the pack over the other. They are all treated as equals, and that plan works out perfectly, until Hansen finds a homeless runt who needs a home. One who is sexy, alluring and draws Hansen in�Nevel. Nevel didn�t even know he was a Cat shifter until he first transformed into his animal form. Kicked out of his home, he drifts around until Hansen takes him home and gives him sanctuary. Before long, Nevel finds himself in love with the Alpha, but no matter how hard Nevel, tries Hansen won�t give Nevel the time of day. Will Hansen ever take Nevel as his mate? Or will Nevel be destined to live the rest of his days with a broken heart?
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