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Stormbreaker epub
<p> Readers will cheer for Alex Rider, the 14-year-old hero of British author Horowitz’s spy thriller (the first in a projected series). When his guardian and uncle, Ian, is mysteriously killed, Alex discovers that his uncle was not the bank vice-president he purported to be, but rather a spy for the British government. Now the government wants Alex to take over his uncle’s mission: investigating Sayle Enterprises, the makers of a revolutionary computer called Stormbreaker. The company’s head plans to donate one to every secondary school in England, but his dealings with unfriendly countries and Ian Rider’s murder have brought him under suspicion. Posing as a teenage computer whiz who’s won a Stormbreaker promotional contest, Alex enters the factory and immediately finds clues from his uncle. Satirical names abound (e.g., Mr. Grin, Mr. Sayle’s brutish butler, is so named for the scars he received from a circus knife-throwing act gone wrong) and the hard-boiled language is equally outrageous (’’It was a soft gray night with a half-moon forming a perfect D in the sky. D for what, Alex wondered. Danger? Discovery? Or disaster?’’). These exaggerations only add to the fun, as do the creative gadgets that Alex uses, including a metal-munching cream described as «Zit-Clean. For Healthier Skin. </p> </div> </div> </div> <div class=’’bookitem
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