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Animals epub
<p> A super-charged comedy that explores the eternal question: must you change your lifestyle in your thirties, or can you keep partying until the bitter end? Laura and Tyler are two young women who have been tearing up the city streets for ten years, leaving a trail of angry drug dealers and spent men in their wake. Now Laura is engaged to be married and her teetotal classical pianist fianc?, Jim, is away overseas. Tyler wants to keep the party going, but Laura is torn between the constant temptations provided by her best friend and the promise of a calmer life with Jim on the horizon. As the wedding draws closer, the duo’s limits are tested, along with their friendship. Animals is hilarious, honest, raw and thoroughly moving. It is about deciding when it\’s time to grow up and recognizing what must be left behind if you do. </p> </div> </div> </div> <div class=’’bookitem
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