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The Imposter epub
<div><p>Fiercely independent Scottish beauty Kate Elliot is a prisoner � betrothed against her will to marry a Laird whose wicked reputation precedes him. Determined to escape such a fate, Kate plunges into the churning sea, desperate to choose her own destiny.<br></p><p>Her plans are shattered when she is captured by the McClain Clan and mistaken for Catherine Berkshire, the errant bride-to-be of the Clan�s Laird.<br></p><p>And thus, Kate�s fate becomes entwined with that of Devon McClain, the powerful and ruggedly handsome (and sometimes mischievous) War Chief of the Clan. Using Catherine Berkshire�s inadvertently stolen identity as a veil of protection; Kate recklessly agrees to marry Devon in an effort to evade a far worse fate. She is drawn to Devon by his gallant offer to protect her, and also by an attraction to him that she can no longer deny.<br></p><p>Kate�s touch awakens an unexpected fire within Devon, and as they fall deeply in love they discover a passion so explosive that it threatens to consume them. The depth of Devon�s love for Kate exposes him to fear for the first time in his life � fear that his enemies will use his beautiful wife as a pawn against him.<br></p><p>He will risk everything as he fights to keep her��<br></p><p>Kate is tormented by the secrets of her past, and she knows that she must reveal her identity to the husband that she has fallen devastatingly in love with � but how can she tell him without losing his trust? She clings to her love for Devon all the while knowing that as her lies unravel, she risks losing him forever if she is exposed as an imposter.<br></p><p>Will the secrets of her past destroy the man that she loves?</p></div>
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