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Guarding Nadia epub
<p>Nadia has been an erotic author BDSM novels for years. She is no stranger to her work bringing out the crazy in some people. However, she was not prepared for a stalker and had no idea the lengths he would go to in order to have her. Desperate when the police are unable to help, Nadia turns to a highly rated security team for protection. Although they looked more like GQ models than bodyguards, Nadia puts her trust and her life into their safekeeping. From the moment she walked into their offices, Caleb and Jonas knew that there was nothing they wouldn’t do to keep Nadia safe. Upon discovering the type of books she writes, they are floored because she has no idea that they are active members of not one but two BDSM clubs and had both reached Master status long ago. As the two men guard her body and strive to win her heart there is one out there who will stop at nothing to claim what his twisted mind has convinced him is his. Including the murder anyone who stands in his way.</p>
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