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Trailer Park Virgin epub
<div><p><strong>This whole book bio is a WARNING! </strong> </p> <p>A step-dad and a stepbrother hook up with their virgin stepdaughter/stepsister. The dad and son don’t mingle. They just take turns with the heroine. </p> <p>Friend to friend, this book is filthy. It’s a smut-fest like we’ve never written, and you’ll probably die of shame when you read it. </p> <p>There’s no cheating, and it’s even safe! But we’ve left plot at the door and gone over the line. </p> <p>Not for nothing, but you don’t want this book. It’s a 10,000-word story we had to write for our own personal enjoyment. </p> <p>BUT If you insist on buying it, please know that I tried to stop you. </p> <p>Enjoy. We sure did.</p></div>
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