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Dear Soldier Boy epub
<div><p>Chances can be missed, but destiny will always intervene </p> <p>What begins as an anonymous Dear Soldier letter turns to burgeoning love. Vivian Castello is a government contractor working in Washington, D.C., and Matthew Jensen is an Army Ranger fighting the war in Afghanistan. </p> <p>Through emails, letters, and care packages Vivian�s and Matthew�s secrets begin to unfold. Letter by letter their barriers are torn down. But will their journey be one of hope or despair? </p> <p>When Matthew returns and the physical space no longer exists, the emotional distance creates the biggest bridge they have to cross if they are ever going to have their happy ever after. </p> <p>**</p></div> Genre : Contemporary Romance Formats : EPUB, ORIGINAL_AZW3, ORIGINAL_EPUB Edit : e Q : R
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