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Five at Table epub
<div><p>David and Gun have been together for nearly two years, and �married�, at least in their own eyes, for one. David has managed to subdue most of his demons, and the couple are happy and secure in their lives. But a chance encounter with one of the university interns working in Gun�s office gets David thinking: Maybe their lives are too perfect. Maybe they should be giving back.<br></p><p>In this sequel to Holding On, David and Gun decide to mentor the college student, Tom, whom David met in Gun�s office. Tom is a young man with a lot of potential, and a few surprises. There are a lot of adjustments for David and Gun as they, in effect, start a family.<br></p><p>This book also contains a shorter story that introduces yet another member of the family, Chang, the houseboy. Chang has had a somewhat troubled life, and with two young men to handle, David has his hands full. But David and Gun still make time to explore the roots of their relationship, in which David�s submissive nature feeds Gun�s desire to dominate.<br></p><p>Kindly note that Five At Table is the story of a lightly Dominant/submissive relationship, with explicit descriptions of sex between men, including some very light bondage scenes. This book is intended for adult audiences only.</p></div>
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