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Toasted Coconut Murder mobi
When Heather Shepherd starts preparing for the Hillside Tea and Donut Fair 2017, she hardly expects to be called away to the scene of a double homicide. She’s shocked, to say the least, but the mystery of the case soon draws her in, when she realizes that this wasn’t a simple shout out in the forest. It seems evidence at the scene has been tampered with and the only witness is an old man, with hearing issues. Heather knows she can solve the case and starts another adventure, equipped only with her Toasted Coconut Donuts, a keen sense of right and wrong, and the sarcasm of her best friend for company. But things are never simple in a Hillside case, and a worn treasure map on one of the victim’s bodies indicates a deeper mystery, stretching back further than the murders themselves. Heather’s got to solve this one before the cunning killer runs off with the treasurer’s family secret and buries it for good.
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