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Hard Candy Saga epub
Candice Hardaway is the daughter of rising New York drug kingpin Eric «Easy» Hardaway, who has plenty of money and just as many enemies. When Candy arrives home from school and finds that her entire family has been murdered, she runs to the only person she can trust—her uncle Rock. <p>Joseph «Rock» Barton is a reclusive first-class «cleaner» who performed hits for Easy and ultimately became part of the Hardaway family. When he takes Candice in, it’s not long before she asks him to teach her the skills necessary to take revenge on the drug dealers responsible for killing her family. </p><p>Candice, now known simply as Candy, uses her beauty and skills to get close to her father’s enemies, and one by one, Candy attempts to exact her own dose of revenge. In the process, she uncovers some long-buried secrets that she was never meant to find out. Those secrets will destroy the only family member she has left. </p><p>With Uncle Rock dead, Candy sets out to learn more about her...
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