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Gabriel David’s White Horse epub
<p> She’d given up on forever…He wasn’t looking for love…But sometimes crossed paths pave the way to destiny.Mirabelle had entered into a no-sex pact with her best friend and the first one to break it had to perform a penance. She didn’t savor the idea of performing a striptease to Madonna’s Like A Virgin. On the other hand, she really needed to have yummy, life altering sex with Gabriel David. Hmm…what to do?Gabriel had found his muse in Mirabelle and so much more. Forget painting her—he wanted to possess her. But she was a master at holding back. Fortunately, Gabriel thrived when met with a challenge. He’d coat her with every color in his palette until it became impossible for her to resist his spectrum of affection.She wanted a lover. He needed a muse. Together they found forever. </p>
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