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Overview: lessed (or cursed) with a vivid imagination, Caitlyn Willows eventually learned to turn that “talent” inward. Readers will find deep emotions and sizzling sensuality seamlessly woven into her action-filled stories. Believing life is to be lived and felt, not merely watched, Caitlyn delivers real-to-life characters in unforgettable tales of love, adventure, and always steamy passion. No one is more surprised than she at the direction life has taken her. Caitlyn lives in the beautiful desert of Southern California with her husband (a genealogist) and the animals she loves. Her most recent explorations include learning to make Native American style pottery and basketweaving, and she is always on the lookout for the next interesting tidbit that will help fill her writing well. Caitlyn also writes nonerotic romance as Catherine Snodgrass.
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