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Prodigal Son mobi
<div><p><strong>Full Length standalone MC Contemporary Romance Novel of approx. 70,000 words. Contains sex/violence/language. 17+</strong> </p><p>In Jayna King�s debut, Troubled Son, the Savage Sons MC was devastated by the death of Moses Hall. When Luke Callaway rolls into town, everything changes. <br>Luke has found far more than he expected in Denver. He came looking for his birth parents, and he found the Savage Sons MC � and the sexiest woman he�s ever met. Krystal Shaw has her hands full with school, work, and her boyfriend, the VP of the Savage Sons. Things get complicated when golden boy Luke Callaway walks into her life. </p><p>Does Luke have what it takes to become a member of the Savage Sons MC? <br>Can he help the MC move on after Moses� death? <br>Will Krystal and Luke give in to their desire? </p><p>Prodigal Son continues Jayna King�s saga of the Savage Sons MC where <em>Troubled Son (Now for sale)</em> left off. Look for Freedom�s Son (June 2014) to wrap up Luke and Krystal�s story. Sinner�s Son (July/August 2014) takes you back in time to explain Moses Hall�s past, and Fortunate Son (September 2014) brings the whole series to a breathtaking conclusion. </p><p><strong>Scroll Up and Click ’Buy Now’ to start reading today</strong> </p></div>
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