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SUMMARY: A young insurance saleswoman is found strangled at Mitsuse Pass. Her family and friends are shocked and terrified. The pass-which tunnels through a mountainous region of southern Japan-has an eerie history: a hideout for robbers, murderers, and ghostly creatures lurking at night. Soon afterward, a young construction worker becomes the primary suspect. As the investigation unfolds, the events leading up to the murder come darkly into focus, revealing a troubled cast of characters: the victim, Yoshino, a woman much too eager for acceptance; the suspect, Yuichi, a car enthusiast misunderstood by everyone around him; the victimrs’’s middle-aged father, a barber disappointed with his life; and the suspectrs’’s aging grandmother, who survived the starvation of postwar Japan only to be tormented by local gangsters. And, finally, there is desperate Mitsuyo, the lonely woman who finds Yuichi online and makes the big mistake of falling for him. A stunningly dark thriller and a tapestry of noir,Villainis the English-language debut for Shuichi Yoshida, one of Japanrs’’s most acclaimed and accomplished writers. From desolate seaside towns and lighthouses to love hotels and online chat rooms,Villainreveals the inner lives of men and women who all have something to hide. Part police procedural, part gritty realism,Villainis a coolly seductive story of loneliness and alienation in the southernmost reaches of Japan.
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