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Wife and Mother Wanted mobi
<div><p></p><p class=’’description’’>Brody Elliott is a single dad, struggling to bring up his young daughter, Molly. Brody blames himself for the loss of Molly’s mother, and is determined to protect his little girl from heartbreak again. So when Molly befriends their pretty and lively new neighbor, Carissa Lewis, Brody is immediately wary. Braving Brody’s hostility, Carissa instantly bonds with Molly. Brody’s doing his best, but it’s obvious his little girl needs a mother�and Molly wants Carissa for the job! If only challenging, infuriating and gorgeous Brody was willing to let go of his past and give in to their reluctant attraction, maybe Carissa could be his, too....</p></div>
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