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Overview: I’m a reading junkie who has relatively recently decided to cross trade lines and try my hand at writing. (Basically, I’ve got some stories inside me that are dying to be told. Hopefully they will find an audience of some sort, but I’ve already made my peace with the fact that they may not.) To that end, I’ve recently published two novels: Sensation (a superhero novel) and Warden - Book 1: Wendigo Fever (a young adult horror story).
An Intoxicating Crush epub
Winter Winds epub
EDGE: Football Star Power epub
Halfway Dead epub
Finding Justice epub
Endless Fate epub
Sex code epub
Nebraska: Stories epub
Burnt epub
Growing and Kissing epub
La horda amarilla epub
La chaise rouge devant le fleuve epub
Mortalis: Ascendance: Transcendence: Immortalis Pdf
Det Anna epub
Mistletoe Hero epub
Music, Ink, and Love epub
HMTipping Point epub
Antsy Does Time epub
Summer at the Star and Sixpence epub

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